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Today's Wellness & Primary Care is a general medical practice. Our focus is to promote optimal health and wellness by providing innovative, accessible and high quality medical care that exceeds the expectations of our patients.

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Our Team

Kenneth R. Dovidio PA-C, M.H.P

Physician Assistant

Kenneth R. Dovidio is a board certified Physician Assistant. He Attended Northeastern University's Bouve' College of Health Sciences for his Physician Assistant education along with earning a Masters Degree in Health Professions in 1990. Know More

Marie Sacco MSN,

Nurse Practitioner

Marie Sacco is Family Nurse Practitioner who specializes in Primary care, chronic health conditions and health promotion. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Salem State University in 2001 and then earned her Master of Science degree in Nursing at the University of Massachusetts in 2011 Know More

Dr.Janarthanan Someswarananthan

Internal Medicine physician

Dr. Janarthanan Someswarananthan is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician specializing in the care and treatment of geriatric patients. Know More

Dr.Mohammed Jaleel

Internal Medicine physician

Dr. Mohammed Jaleel is a board certified physician with over 20 years experience in primary care.He is the founding partner of multiple medical practices in the Merrimack valley area. Know More

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Client Speak

  • John
    Ken   Dovidio   has   genuine   caring   for   his   patients. He  wants   you  to  be   healthy.  He   does   not   just   throw   prescriptions   at   you  and   hope  it  does  the  trick.  He  talks  to   you  like   you   matter   and   are   not  just  a   patient   number. I   wouldn't   go  anywhere  else"
  • Mark
    Ken  Dovidio  and  the  entire  staff  at  Todays  Wellness  and  Primary  Care  is  an  excellent  choice  that  is  sure  to  meet  the  comprehensive  healthcare  needs  for   you  and  your  family.  A  civil  service  worker  who  is  exposed  to  many  health  issues  and  injuries,  I  am  grateful  to  have  found  Today's  Wellness  in  Primary Care.  Ken  Dovidio  took  the  time  to develop  a  specific  wellness  health  screening  for  me  that  addressed  all  my  present  and  future  well-being  needs.  Before  switching  to  Today's  wellness  P.C.  it  has  been  a  struggle  to  find  a  medical  practice  that  treats  patients  as  a  top  priority  and  takes  the  time  to  address,  diagnose ,  treat  and  simply  talk  to  me  about  my  specific  healthcare  issues.  I  feel  safe  now  knowing  that  I  have  amazing  healthcare  providers  looking  out  for  me  and  my  family.  I would  urge  everyone  to  make  this  year  about  your  own health  and wellness and  go  make  an  appointment  to  Today's  Wellness & Primary care.
  • Nicole
    If  you  are  looking  for  a  new  healthcare  provider,  Marie  and  her  partner  Ken  are  excellent  healthcare  providers  with  many  years  of  experience.  Share  with  your  friends!
  • M. Rodriguez
    As   a  patient  of  Marie  Sacco,  I  am  extremely  fortunate  to  have  her  as  my  caregiver  not  only  for  the  outstanding  medical  knowledge  that  she  has  but  also  because  she  is  a  very  caring  and  compasionate  caregiver with  an  excellent  bedside  manner..  During  my  time  having  her  as  my  caregiver  she  always  made  me  feel  that  I  was  important  by  the  way  she  listened  and  interacted  with  me...  The  quality  care  that  I've  received  from  Marie  Sacco  has  made  me  recommend  her  as  a  caregiver  to  all  my  family  and  friends...
    M. Rodriguez
  • Peter giannini, Haverhill, MA
    I  have  been  under  the  care  of  Marie  Sacco  and  Ken  Dovidio  for  many  years.  I  will  follow  them  where  ever  they  go.  I  find  great  comfort  in  knowing  they  know  and  understand  my  many  illnesses.  I  trust  them  immensely  with  my  health issues.  Along  with  the  great  care,  the  time  and  understanding  they  take  for  their  patience  it's  very  comforting.  Professional,  through care.
    Peter giannini, Haverhill, MA
  • Proudly, Denise Dimento- Georgetown,MA
    Ken  Dovidio  has  been  my  family's  health  care  provider  for  the  past  15 years.  He  has  always  taken  the  extra  step  for  my  entire  family  and  has  never  made  us  feel  like  a  number.  He  is  a  medical  genius,  funny,  intelligent,  warm  hearted  and  truly  makes  you  feel  better  from  knowing  how  much  he  really  does  care.  My  family  is  so  excited  for  his  new  beginning  and  we  would  follow  him  anywhere.
    Proudly, Denise Dimento- Georgetown,MA